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Want your own Baby Yoda? – Week 6 2020

baby yoda figurine

By on February 6, 2020

Gaming. Esports. Things. Here’s this week’s news:

Week 6 2020

Featured Story this Week

Local geek online store Vamers opened sales for lifesize Baby Yoda collectible figurines. And while this has nothing to do with local gaming or esports, it is probably the most important story, strike that, purchase, of your week. Your baby Yoda will only arrive in January 2021 and it will cost you R7 750 but we’re giving you all this warning so you can start saving… Did we mention it is the size of a new born baby? No? Well now you know.

Gaming News

mobile gaming

Gamers will need to wait a bit longer for the data cost reprieve we were promised in late 2019. The Competition Commission, who set a February 2020 deadline for its new data recommendations to be implemented, has extended that deadline by one more month

Unplug your PCs, charge your phone batteries and dust off the board games because Eskom says there will be a “high probability” that load shedding will continue over the weekend. The failing parastatal tweeted the Stage 2 rotational black outs and their ongoing operational woes are likely not going away any time soon. 

You might not have electricity but you could have normal internet speeds soon. Business Insider reports that Leon Thevenin, the repair ship currently out at sea fixing undersea cables responsible for many gamers slow internet, could be two days ahead of schedule on the first repair. Current ETA on all cable repairs is 25 February.

Esports News

bravado gaming

Bravado Gaming has released their all female CSGO team as well as their Call of Duty team. The multi-gaming organisation tweeted goodbyes and good lucks to both rosters this week, choosing not to renew the players’ contracts. 

Following the sale of the American based ATK Arena CSGO team, the MGO has signed a new local roster.. Sort of. The current roster consists of 3 players and 2 stand ins. One of which is Cloud9’s Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. TenZ and ex-Bravado player Rhys “Fadey Armstrong will temporarily compete with the line up in the Asia Minor Qualifiers which are happening in Dubai next weekend. HLTV reports that ATK is planning to send this roster to North America in the coming months. 

KostaGames is hosting a Funky FIFA Tournament this weekend at the Bravado Bunker, with a R15 000 prize pool on offer. Registrations have closed for competitors but spectators are welcome. 

Business News

hayley haylstorm plumstead

Hayley “Haylstorm” Plumstead has been announced as an official X-Gamer Partner. The local streamer is now partnered with the energy drink, online retailer Rebeltech and Razer. 

MSI, Sparkfox and RedDragon have sponsored a weekly Fortnite tournament series to be run by tournament organiser ACGL. #MythicRoyale will run from the 3rd of February till the 27th of June with the technology brands committing to a R30 000 prize pool.

GIGABYTE Aorus has also thrown their hat into the South African esports sponsorship ring. Partnering with Mettlestate, the company announced a 2v2 CSGO Wingman Cup. 4 Cups will take place across 4 weekends with the winning duo each week pocketing R1500.

Community News

sam tech girl wright

Here’s a helpful twitter thread to find a host of local shoutcasters. Local gamer Noobslice put out a request on twitter for shoutcasters and the replies list a host of voices keen to commentate various titles.

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