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Are South African Fortnite tournaments even legal? – Week 18 2020

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By on April 30, 2020

Week 18 2020

Featured Story this Week

Are some South African tournament organisers flouting Epic Games’ Fortnite Event License Terms? Following a tweet posted by Airo_OG_ it would appear many could be. The license terms state: “Except as otherwise agreed by Epic in writing (including email) an Event is licensed under these Terms only if it meets each of the following criteria: the event is not broadcast on television; You do not restrict or gate participation in, or viewing of, the Event behind paid ticketing or entry fees, paid subscriptions/follows, or any other player purchase requirements;”. Both section 2 and section 3 of the agreement further highlight costing responsibilities (which are the responsibility of the tournament organiser). The licence agreement can be found here.

Gaming News

playing video games

Can you buy video games and consoles during Level 4 of Lock Down? South African Gaming and Esports Newsletter (G&E) reached out to various distributors and retailers with most confirming that meetings and discussions around the sale of consoles and games is still ongoing. Current COVID-19 Level 4 Lock Down Restrictions could potentially allow for the sale of existing stock by physical retailers that will be open, but as of time of publishing this was still uncertain. Roleplayers in the industry will release statements when the regulations are clearer and we’re sure the various local gaming publications will update you accordingly.

Esports News

kosta games

The eDiskiChallenge which took place at the Back to the City Festival in 2019 has still not paid the winner’s prize money out. R10 000 is owed. South African Gaming and Esports Newsletter (G&E) has obtained correspondence dating back close to a year, where tournament organiser Kosta Games alleges the event organiser, Back to the City, is responsible for the lack of payment. However, on contacting the Back to the City organiser G&E was supplied with proof of payment confirming the full prize money amount was transferred to Kosta Games on 07/10/2019. Kosta Games has been unresponsive to all parties involved, including media enquiries.

With regards to the above story, should any journalists or business wish to take this further, please email us and we will supply all our findings as well as research, to assist. 

Local Gwent players Spyro_ZA and MissLadyJay_ZA have placed in the top 16 of the Gwent Partners Open. The next round is scheduled to start today (30 April) at 5 PM and can be watched on the respective players streams.

Business News


South Africans will be able to purchase computer equipment, office equipment and mobile phones from Lockdown Level 4 which will be implemented from May 1st. 

Toyota has announced their entry into the South African esports scene with their debut event: the Toyota Esports Challenge. At the time of publication no further details had been supplied.

Community News

cango wildlife ranch

Local streamers raised R100k for the The Cango Wildlife Ranch as part of #StreamingForConservation. Streamed content included photo editing, music, 3D design and plenty of gaming titles.

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