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It’s time to go on holiday and play some games – Week 51 2019

By on December 19, 2019

Happy holidays! This will be our last newsletter for 2019. We’ll return in 2020 (probably on the 10th of January).

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Week 51 2019

Featured Story this Week

It’s a uniquely South African tradition to shut down over the festive period and in true local style, most big business went on leave on the 13th of December. News is slow as most people have closed their emails and are playing games instead.

Gaming News

the witcher netflix

The Witcher drops on Netflix on 20 December while the final Star Wars installment opens at cinemas on the same day. If you’re a lover of the games you’ll likely want to bookmark Friday for binge watching your favourite pop culture TV and movies. We’d suggest using this time away from your console or PC to update your game libraries.

The new Xbox was revealed this week and the name Xbox Series X has received some mixed reviews online. Microsoft insists that it is just “XBOX”.

Esports News

jabhim south africa

Popular Battle royale, Apex Legends, has announced their 2020 Global Series which includes a $3 million prize pool. South Africa has been included on the list of eligible countries. As the only African country on the list, local teams will be able to register to compete in the online tournaments which kick off on 25 January.

Streetfighter star and Redbull Hit The Streets winner Jabhi M has landed in Japan to compete in the International Redbull Kumite competition on the 21st and 22nd of December. The player won himself a spot in the last chance competition after securing the top spot in the local qualifier.

A South African VR Esports League is set to start on 5 January. Virtual Realms Arcade is hosting the Tower-Tag VR Esports League in Cape Town. It’s a new title to add to the local esports mix.

Business News


Rainbow Six Siege servers are now active in South Africa for all platforms. Ubisoft has released the following communication: “Following the recent launch of PS4 and Xbox One permanent Rainbow Six Siege South African servers, PC servers are also live now. We are thrilled to announce that South African players can now have the best R6S experience possible on all platforms.”

Community News


PUBG competitor and streamer Eythan “PL3B” Davies had the community rally together to support him after he announced he had to sell his PC parts after falling on hard times. In a feel good moment for the local gaming community, various individuals offered to assist PL3B and help him rebuild his rig. GG!

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